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You've probably heard you should be doing more split testing to "optimize" your marketing funnels. You may already be using tools like TruConversion or Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) to do just that. Guess what? Google brought their considerable resources to the table and now offers their own split testing platform.
As marketers, we live and die by the numbers. Volume of traffic, bounce rates, conversion rates, average order value, downloads, sales, lifetime value... whatever it is that you're "selling", there will be numbers that can be used to measure and benchmark your success. Use the right numbers, and they can be empowering.
Les marchés étrangers constituent tôt ou tard l'avenue sur laquelle s'engagent bien des entreprises, qu'elles offrent un service ou un produit, ou qu'elles s'adressent à un marché d'entreprises ou de consommateurs. Une avenue qui peut rapporter gros... à condition de s'être bien préparé!
Google Analytics is one of the most used analytics tools. It's used by some 28 million websites worldwide. It's an easy tool to use and comes with no cost. On one hand, when you effectively track your website's traffic, sales, and revenue, you will start to understand your target audience better.
This month marks the third year that I've been blogging. One of the biggest lessons I've learned along the way is the importance of writing headlines that capture the reader's attention and make her want to click-through and read.
In today's digital age, businesses have to move faster to compete and win, and the same is true of marketing and communications. There was a time when marketing, largely responsible for building a brand through advertising and public relations, was considered a mysterious art.
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L'entrevue n° 322 Vénétis est un regroupement français qui permet à des employeurs qui ont des besoins de main-d'oeuvre à temps partiel de se partager les salariés. Son fondateur, Franck Delalande, sera conférencier au Sommet international de la confiance ...
E-commerce companies were on the ball for the last several years, creating quality content that organically drove conversions with disruptive ideas. But content shock is shaking them up, because with so much content in the marketplace, what's worked in prior years is just not cutting it anymore.
Just a few years ago, content marketing was the cool new kid on the block. The term had only recently become a buzzword, and the companies that knew what it was -- let alone how to use it -- left competitors in the dust. Today, content marketing is everywhere.